How do we teach?

Private Dance Lessons:

One instructor per student or couple. During these lessons, you will gain dance skills, like patterns, leading, follow, style, technique and count.

Suppose you have no dance partner, no worries! Your teacher will be your dance partner. So, you can focus on your progress. Such dancing is called Pro-Am (Professional dancer is assisting Amateur dancer)

private ballroom classes

Group Dance Classes:

One instructor, several students. Here you will learn patterns and timings of steps. A general review of materials you learn during private lessons. And practice with different partners.

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Dance socials:

These party-like events are fun social evenings with dancing, learning, reviewing, performances and pot-luck.

Usually, we start by introducing and reviewing nine dances:
Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot, Tango, Cha cha and Swing.
Before each dance, we do a 5-minute intro-review group class to teach new-comers a basic dance pattern. And remind others what this dance is about.
Each dance we practice two times: first-time people who came with the partner they dance together after we rotate partner, so everyone has a chance to dance with as many as possible dancers.

group dancing class

Dance competitions and showcases.

Our students take part in different dance events:
Competitions, Showcases and Charity events.

Interestingly, the first competitive dance level that a dancer can enter is a “Beginner’s Dance Level”!

Who can enter the “Beginner’s Dance Level”? A person or a couple who had less than 30 private dance lessons.

These are some Canadian Dance Competitions:




Toronto ballroom and Latin Showcase