Dance Instructor

George Kastulin

Owner of the Dancingland Dance Studio, Dance Instructor, Teacher and Wedding Dance Choreographer

dancer, performer, dance instructorGeorge Kastulin is an experienced Social Ballroom and Latin (American style) dance instructor and wedding dance choreographer.  As a recognized professional in the industry, he brings many years of technical know-how and teaching expertise to his practice. But, most importantly, he does this in a manner that ignites your passion for dancing, unleashing your inner world on the dance floor.

George began dancing at the age of fourteen in Odesa, Ukraine.  He quickly fell in love with the International style of Ballroom and Latin dancing; and the infatuation, glamour and intense competition it provided.  Strong desire to learn how to move gracefully to the music and lead a partner on the dance floor with confidence, ease, poise and control guided him on the dance path.  As a result, all of this kept him coming back for more training, more devotion and more drive to constantly reach new heights and results.

After immigrating to Canada in the year 2000, George continued his dance and teacher training.  Working as a dance instructor with students and building up his instructor-client base secured his respected position on the Canadian Ballroom dance scene.

George has trained in both the International (Standard and Latin) and American (Smooth and Rhythm) Ballroom Dancing styles. Continuing to attend workshops and dance congresses and study with renowned coaches is keeping him updated and current.
World-acclaimed dance teachers, instructors and judges have coached him. These have included: Jt Thomas, Olga Foraponova Wright, Ann Harding-Trafford, Pierre Allaire, Mireille Veilleux, Denis Tremblay, Pat Traymore and others.
List of dance competitions that George participated in  North American :
  • 2004 “The Falls Premier Ball” Rising star American Smooth champion
  • 2004 “La Classique De Quebec” Rising Star American Smooth finalist
  • 2004 “DanceSport Montreal” Open Professional American Smooth finalist
  • 2004 “Maple leaf Classic” Canadian Closed Professional Finalist
  • 2005 “The Falls Premier Ball” Professional open American Smooth finalist
  • 2005 “Crystal Leaf” Professional American Smooth runner-up
  • 2019 “Dancesport Montreal” Open Professional American Smooth Finalist, Rising Star American Smooth finalist
  • 2019 “Can-Am DanceSport Gala” Rising Star Smooth finalist, Open Professional Smooth finalist
  • 2019 “Canadian National Championships”  NDCCCNC Professional Smooth finalist
  • 2019 “Maple Leaf Classic Dancesport Championships” runner-up
Parallel to that, he dances Pro-Am performances with students interested in learning choreographed routines to perform at dance competitions, showcases and charity events.

Wedding Dance Choreography

Another specialty for George is wedding dance choreography and First Dance training.
In fact, he takes time to get to know the couple’s personality and synergy. That is the best ground to create a Wedding First Dance that reflects their bond and remains a heartwarming memory for a lifetime.
At the same time, George can definitely help you include your bridal party in the Wedding first dance choreography (if you desire so).
Moreover, some people like to have a Father-Daughter dance and/or Mother-Son dance in addition to their reception performances. This exceptional and highly emotional dance for sure will be in your hearts for all time after!

Professional music background.

Finally, one more fascinating fact that influences George’s connection to Ballroom dancing and dance choreography is a profound understanding of music. That comes from him being actually a professional Oboe player!  George earned a Master’s Degree with honours in Arts and Music from Odessa State A.V. Nezhdanova Musical Academy. And a post-graduate diploma in Arts from Freiburg School of Arts in Germany. Therefore this professional background allows George to emphasize musicality, phrasing and timing. As a result, students gain a greater appreciation of musicality, expression and rhythm.
“Ultimately, I love teaching Social Ballroom Dancing because of the opportunity it gives me to work with different personalities. Each student desires to dance for their own reasons and needs a tailored approach.  As a result, I embrace this individuality by encouraging my students to dance naturally and genuinely, from the heart, while emphasizing ballroom basics and technique.” -George Kastulin