Dance Soiree

Dance parties

Fridays or Saturdays

To get started, feel up for the dance cards and meet new dancers.
Secondly, reviewing and practice nine dances:
Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha cha, East Coast Swing.
Before each dance, we will review the basic patterns of the dance.
We will practice each dance style will be danced twice.
 Further, we will enjoy dance performances by our Ballroom students, wedding dance couples and teachers.

Each dance performance is approximately one to two and a half minutes long.

In conclusion, sharing potluck, playing lotteries and winning door prizes!
We ran our Dance Socials every three or four weeks.
The Dance Parties at the Dancingland Dance Studio are a great opportunity for our students to practice everything they have learned in a friendly and safe environment.
Furthermore, it is a great chance to practice performing in front of an audience. Having “stage fright” is a common condition for many people. We encourage and guide our dancers in preparing a dance routine (choreography) to show off in front of dance friends. This is an excellent experience rare to a lot of people outside of the studio.
No previous dance experience is required to take part in our Soiree. During the social dancing part, the teacher will be introduce-reminding dancers of basic patterns per each dance.
The dance instructor(s) will also be on the dance floor cruising to facilitate if you need assistance. Just wave for help!


The cover is $25 per person.

Dance Soiree at Dancingland Dance Studio